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Flautista, saxofonista e arranjador

Pixinguinha + Benedito - Mário Sève + David Ganc

Pixinguinha + Benedito - Mário Sève + David Ganc
David Ganc and Mário Sève, both matchless flutists and saxophonists with solid academic backgrounds, take to the stage with their CD Pixinguinha+Benedito. The disc reprises the musical partnership between Benedito Lacerda and Pixinguinha, Brazil’s supreme instrumental duo. Featured are never-before-recorded tunes, new arrangements, melody and counterpoint, musicians alternating on flute and sax, Pixinguinha & Benedito, Mário Sève & David Ganc.

This fresh look at Pixinguinha & Benedito was long overdue. These two partners forged a new musical language that is still with us today, and the art of Brazilian counterpoint reached its pinnacle with maestro Pixinguinha. When Mário Sève and David Ganc brought their 14-track CD to life, they drew inspiration from 1940s platters. Recorded here for the first time, two of the pieces came deep from the family closet: the baião “Acorda Garota” and the frevo “Água Morna.”

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